On 2015/09/07 by Mattias Lundberg

We have said it before and will say it many times again; CONGRATULATIONS GOTHENBURG! We are the country’s second largest city, but we have Northern Europe’s largest hotel; Hotel Gothia Towers. And it is not just a hotel but a meeting place with a big ”M” in the middle of the action. Since 2001, SKYLTiDEAL have had the great honor of helping guests to come and feel right at home here. The big challenge was to ”relax” three lobbies together into a hotel while Tower 3 was opened. A good thought, from interior architect Lars Helling, with a carpet like a boulevard shaped our idea. All references are based on the straight line and the cube’s sides helps us to point you in the right direction. See, the ”street”, it really is an awesome big hotel. We bow.


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