On 2013/09/27 by Sandra

Since the start of the museum back in 2000, we have had the privilege of working with Nordiska Akvarellmuseet. Christin Browall, SKYLTiDEALs founder, has designed all interior signage, which we produced and installed around the entire museum. ”It was an exciting and very challenging task, but the choice of material fell directly on the glass to follow the architecture and feel of nature and the sea. It is genuine. It is many years ago now, and we are still very pleased with the results, ”says Christin. ”Actually, it was on Akvarellmuseet as our desire to design pictograms was born – take an extra look at the beautiful toilet signs and you will understand why :)” she adds.

Before each show SKYLTiDEAL has assembled texts that vividly tells us about the artists, their history and describing their art. Currently Martin Jacobson with his paintings, this exhibition is on display and can be enjoyed during 9.22 2013 – 2.16 2014.

– ”In Martin Jacobson’s paintings are collected myths. Intensity of color enhances the feeling of dream and fiction. ”

We recommend a trip to the Nordiska Akvarellmuseeum on Tjörn, far out at sea in the fascinating archipelago! 🙂


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